Become an Email Marketing Manager and earn money from home.

Are you a student, 9-5er, Young Graduate, or Social Media Manager looking to make extra income?

If Yes I have something for you

If you’re always online, surfing on “ legitimate ways to make money online” 

You are quite techy and want to be able to put that to good use.

You have watched several YouTube videos about Email marketing and they ended up leaving you confused.

You are already a Social media manager, but you have been missing out on clients who also wanted you to handle their Email marketing campaign.

You need a side business that doesn’t require buying and selling or bringing 2 people to bring another 2 people 

The Business Of Email Marketing

Go from Novice to Pro in 6 Weeks and start earning money from home

Let me tell you a story 

2019 in the wake of the Pandemic I had just started doing Email Marketing Commercially, my other Business as a Dropshipper was on hold due to the breakout of COVID-19 in China,

I needed to raise money. I was flat broke, my rent was due among other bills to be paid.

The following screenshots are just my international clients only


In this Course I will take you from Novice to Pro in 6 weeks, if you follow the program to the letter. 

I first teach you how to use Email Marketing to produce results for yourself and then you can offer as a service to others. 

Here is Nmesoma’s email list in less than 2 weeks after taking the Group BOEM Coaching Program.

Pre-Order begins on the 26th Only the Course: ₦40,000 Early bird ₦20,000

Course + Coaching program : ₦55,000 Early Bird:₦35,000.

Course Curriculum

  • What is Email Marketing 
  • Different Email platforms for business types 
  • Fundamentals of using drag and drop
  • Setting up Email account on (Mailchimp, Convertkit) Active Campaign and Click Funnels.and klaviyo.
  • Sending out Newsletters 
  • Creating a landing page (Mailchimp, Convertkit and WordPress)
  • Creating a visually appealing landing page 
  • Setting up an email sequence 
  • Sending out a newsletter 
  • Integrations (Payment gateways,Zapier)
  • Different industries and Email marketing 
  • Developing a unique Email Marketing strategy for your clients 
  • Information you need from a client to deliver projects on time l
  • Understanding yourself and what works for you 
  • Creating services as products for different budget 
  • Service pricing 
  • Selling on social media 
  • Selling on fiverr : creating gigs
  • Managing your business finances
  • Business tools and structures to help you thrive 
  • Legal contracts and documents
  • How to receive international payments in Nigeria 
  • Creating Email marketing that aligns with social media
  • Copy writing 

Case Studies 


  • Service Offer 
  • Contracts 

Certificate of Completion: After taking tests and submitting your projects and assignments.

You will be endorsed to get clients.

Here are reviews from others who I have taught who knew nothing about Email marketing when we started.