If you are a course creator and you have been struggling with selling your online courses or digital products, it is  because you  don’t have an email list.
Posting 10 times a day on social media won’t make people buy your course, what you need is a healthy email list, whether you got them by offering a freebie, or by them signing up on your waitlist, or newsletters, you begin the journey of actually having “prospects” for your digital course when you start your Email Marketing campaign.

Email Marketing is a skill, and unless you have been trained in it, you are going to struggle.

Which is why I put 3 of my best sellers to give this bundle!

This is a bundle that takes you from Rookie to Pro in Email Marketing for Online Course creators and CoachesĀ 
This bundle gives you access to the following

Email Marketing with Mailchimp Made easy (Video Course)

A 5 part video course that shows you how to get started with Mailchimp. (create your newsletters and highly converting sales pages).

Crush Your Digital Sales Workbook

A workbook that breaks down all the steps required to sell your digital products with social media and email marketing.

A support group

A support group with other Course creators on Facebook for accountability & live Q&A sessions.


10-days Grow Your Email List Challenge

An email course to help you implement what you would learn faster for the next 10 days.

Who is this bundle for?

VALUE: $50/25,000

VALUE : $100/N50,000

What you will get

VALUE: $15/ N7,500

In total you ought to pay $165/N82,500 but I will be giving you this bundle for $25/N10,000!